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the future

I have a professional reputation to maintain now and I hardly ever post here anyway, so I think I'm going to be friends-only-ing almost all of my entries for posterity and creating a new journal.

For privacy's sake, most of it will not be in English.
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I saw your article about that Verizon thing where you have to call them so that you dont get on their list... Do you know where that number is? haha.

and since when has goatse not be professional? i think your new LJ name should be "2girls1cup"...just a thought.

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Partially, and French.
Well, I guess its good we don't talk much anymore anyway. But, best of luck, and my brother really enjoys your articles. He's in optical engineering and works for the department, if you see him around, say hello. :)
Right on. I wanted to say that your articles in the Wildcat are always enjoyable and thought-provoking. The Ron Paul one was frighteningly true.